Weekend goals

Well, we have had our first cold morning of the season. The horses were feeling fresh and were playing bitey face and rearing games when I let them out this morning. Bitey face it their favourite game.


Is it just me or do weeks of competitions seem to drag on forever?! I swear this week has added like 5 extra days, instead of having one less.

This weekend I'm going for polish. Dressage I'm just going to keep chipping away. I expect Coolie to get tense, he tends to be more tense in places he knows we are going to be doing jumping. The State Equestrian Center where we are competing this weekend, is somewhere we compete and train at regularly. He know we will be jumping. Tests here are usually either tense, or very lazy. This weekend I need to be more on the ball and ride the horse I have. I need to make sure I adjust my riding as required. I need to make sure my right hand is under control and I am sitting up!

More polish!

Show jumping I want a nice soft round. It needs to be smooth and flow. No rushing. I need to make sure I demand the rhythm as soon as we get in the ring, I need to sit up and wait for fences and to make sure all my turns are good.

Ride like this!

Cross country is all about control. All our training has been really incredible, and he wasn't too bad at Capel. This weekend though I want control the whole way around the course. I want it to flow, I want us to feel confident, and I want it to be fun!

We can do it!

Husband has a work presentation today, so we are staying home (I'd take Coolie to PC on my own but I'm not prepared to take Henry without someone on the ground just in case!).


  1. Good luck!! Solid goals and you definitely got this!!!


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