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I was looking back through my pictures from the last few weeks and realised, we have been REALLY busy! Now the season has officially started we are only set to get busier.

This week I have 2 flat lessons, one Friday night and one Saturday morning with both of the horses.

Sunday Coolie and I have a training day at a local club. We are doing a dressage test and 2 rounds of sj. Gotta practice everything we have been learning.

The following weekend is a quiet one, but I'll probably find something to do, plus Henry will need more rides.

Easter weekend we have our second event of the season. I decided to enter at 80 again, because even though we are nailing XC in training I'm not convinced Coolie will be on task, and I just want one more confident competition before we go back up. I'm still not back to our old confidence levels after my whole new ear shenanigans.
Oh yeah... thanks for that Hen!

Not long after that we will go down to Harvey and my plan is to go back to 95, then we have a clinic with Manu!

My coach messaged me today that Craig is going to be back in may as well, so I had better get saving.


  1. Oh man that ear looks like it hurt!! I don't blame you at all for spending some time building confidence at 80, but it's exciting to have a 95 coming up again! I'm sure coolie will be great!

    1. I don't recommend ear surgery. I recommend it less while you're awake. I'm starting to get excited about 95 again, rather than pooping myself!


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