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Wet weather spendy

We had a really yucky storm recently and the weather was just too bad to be outside. And there just so happened to be a sale on and my in laws just so happened to be coming out to Australia in the near future, so I may have parted ways with some hard earned cash.

First up a bought a PS of Sweden saddle blanket in emerald green. I have been lusting after green things for a while and had a genius idea the other day that made this a necessary purchase. I've used it twice and it seems to be a really nice saddle blanket. It fits well, looks lovely and doesn't bunch up or slip down on the wither. I will see how it washes and wears as it's satin but I plan on using it as a show pad so I am hoping it will last.

Secondly I bought Henry a new fly veil. He got a new one last year and it only just made it through a season. Coolies is into its third season and other than grass seeds in the velcro looks brand new so Henry got the same one. It fits well and is the same quality so I am ho…

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