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4 weeks after having Samuel and 9 weeks since I last rode, I got back in the saddle. Well to be more accurate I sat on Coolie bareback to see if I could.  I was originally told no riding for 12 weeks, and then a second opinion revised it down to 6 weeks. My core and pelvic floor are weak, and so I was given some exercises to do and I have been very diligent about them when the young man permits me to be! Technically there were still 2 more weeks until I can ride according to the physio, however sometimes you have to do whats right for the head.  I have been very lucky and have felt pretty much normal very quickly after birth. At the 2 week mark I was desperate to get back on which is when I decided to get a second opinion from a private womens health physio. I cant recommend a womens health physio enough! The physio was able to tell me there was no risk of prolapse, and that I didn't have any muscle detachment, but I was weak as would be expected 3 weeks postpartum. I was told of I

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