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Another weekend has flown by, they never seem long enough! I thought that not competing as much would give us so much more time but I'm finding life just as hectic. The list of chores never seems to get shorter! The garden looks nicer after this weekend though.

Anyway, yesterday saw us clocking up some more k's in the bush. Both horses need the hill conditioning and the weather was so perfect it was an ideal day to go. We went up to a place called Whistlepipe Gully, somewhere Henry has never been before. It's a tricky ride with some very steep hills and rocky terrain and a high chance of running into bush walkers and their dogs (the dogs usually freak way out because OMG massive dog!). Basically Hen wasn't ready to go out that way until recently.

We picked a good day because there weren't many people out and about, and not many dogs. It always amuses me how people are so unobservative, not paying attention to their surroundings at all, and not noticing us until we …

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