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Dressage club

Here I go again, attempting to get back to documenting my horse life! This weekend  A few weekends ago Henry and I went to dressage club. I shared 2 lessons with my friend and had a new to us coach and a coach I’ve had before but not for a few years. Obviously not dressage! It was an eventful morning. We arrived and the usually quiet grounds were not so quiet. There is a community centre next door and we could hear music and banging. Then people were running around in the oval and Henry was very on edge. Hen got very upset once they started to play football. So upset he kicked out at the yards, then tried to jump out as I was trying to get him out. I have never in 6 years seen him react like that. I took him away and did lots of groundwork, and as he relaxed we moved closer to the oval. I let him look but kept his attention on me. Finally I got him to drop his head and stand quietly right next to the action so took him to get tacked up. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to get on

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