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This week has certainly been a challenge, the third trimester is really not very much fun. I feel huge, bits of me hurt, it’s getting harder to move and 2 weeks of no riding while on holiday has meant my rider fitness is the worst it has been since the beginning of time. I am starting to notice my balance changing, nothing huge but I don’t land as light in the saddle and get knocked off balance more easily. It’s really not a big deal, and probably more to do with muscle loss than anything else. Maintaining muscle tone has been hard! Thankfully I can still ride comfortably and once I have warmed me up things start to feel more normal again. I do feel a bit grumpy about it all though   This weekend we are going to watch some eventing and show jumping, and no doubt I will miss it even more than I already do! It’s so hard to see the horses so hairy and unfit, but they are happy which is the main thing. Only a few more weeks (ok, like 8+ but still!) and I’ll be back to it without such a

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