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Wandering in Wandering

This weekend coolie and I went to our second endurance ride, 21km in Wandering. Wandering is a wheatbelt town just over an hour away from home, and somewhere I haven't been to before. I was really looking forward to my second endurance ride, and it didn't disappoint.  I pulled in quite early, parked up and checked in after giving Coolie a little walk around. He settled into his hay while I got all my gear organised and then we vetted in. Once again he got A's across the board and we were cleared to start. My friend pulled in a little while later, but their day wasn't off to a good start with the vet picking up a mild lameness. the vet allowed her to proceed and see if it resolved, however she decided not to ride (which I agreed with, I wouldn't have taken my horse out either). That meant that it was just me and her other friend riding together. I didn't mind at all, and felt bad my friend had driven so far to turn around and drive home again.  We went to the pre

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