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Show jumping super star

With 2 shows* left this side of bump, I thought Coolie and I should have another lesson. He has been going so, so well and feels amazing but eyes on the ground are invaluable and I knew we could do with some pointers. Bec had set up some sitting and waiting exercises which is where Coolie will forever and always need work. There was a grid, then 3 other jumps set on the arena off turns. As always we started trotting over 4 poles set 2 trot stride a part. Bec wanted Coolie to relax and lift his back, stay soft and forward and reach over the poles. He was excellent and we ticked off all that after a few repetitions each way. I need to remember to carry my hands and soften when he does, plus keep my leg on. All the usual stuff really. Canter was much the same, though I needed to keep my leg on through the turn and allow more with my hands when we did have the right, soft canter. He maintained such a good rhythm though and all the corrections were very minor. Bec put a jump up so we

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