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Rebuilding confidence

We have had many, many adventures since I last posted. I have written a lot of posts in my head, and started quite a few too but it hasn't got further than that. There are a few reasons why... I have been jumping much smaller and though I'm fine with that, but it just doesn't feel inspiring or worthy to document in micro detail. The other reason, I hate the way I look right now, I'm just not as strong and fit as I used to be, which I am working on.  After my fall at the end of August, it's safe to say my confidence jumping has been very shaky. One of the biggest problems I had was I didn't feel secure in the saddle like I used to pre baby when I was very fit and strong. So step 1. get fitter and stronger. I have been struggling with fitting extra exercise in but I had a brainwave and my dads exercise bike came to live at our house. Every nap time I'm on the bike and then I do pilates. I'm noticing a big difference, 10 weeks into this regime. Step 2 was t

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