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Fresh as... or not!

We have our first event of the season on the horizon finally, and it's time to start gearing up for the handful of events we will get to run at this  year. Henry  and I have been training hard and it's been nice to ride without any sort  of competition goals so it's been hard to switch my mindset  into a more competition focus. Entries for the next comp open next  weekend so I had another jumping lesson to try and work out what grade to enter. My original plan for the year was to do one event at  65 then go up to 80 for the season, so when covid happened I figured I'd go right out at 80. However as the year progressed I have been feeling less confident about that decision and I needed a confidence boost and reality check.
Henry had another easy week that week. It was wet again and so he got hacked out twice. I wasn't sure how fresh he'd be and then he galloped around the paddock like a lunatic right before we left so it could have gone either way. He ended up be…

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