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Cross country solves everything

How much difference can a week make? A world apparently! This weekend Henry and I went to our riding club. It was our second rally there and I was a bit on the fence about going, we have been out a lot of weekends in a row, but it felt important, I really wanted to, and husband said it was ok, so off we went!   I signed us up for a show jumping lesson and a cross country lesson. Our cross country lesson was first and it was Henrys first time jumping XC fences since 2020. That’s a long time! We started out with the water and Henry was very hesitant, which is normal for him. He walked through after a good look and a little convincing and from that point on he was 100% game for everything. After the water we jumps a little ramp fence, then an upright to a roll top and a pig roll top. All the jumps were 80, nothing felt big or scary and I pretty quickly was having so much fun. We put together little courses and it all just worked as it should. We headed out into the big, open paddock and j

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