Cunnamore Cool Change is a 17yo, 15.2hh Australian Stock Horse Gelding. I bought Coolie in 2012 to help me get my confidence back. He is a pretty laid back guy who loves routine and constancy.

Coolie is the horse who notices when a rock has moved on the trail. He spooks at jump judges and changes in the ground but will jump big, scary fences without a second thought.

Coolie would rather be eating than riding, but if he has to work he wants to jump, not do dumb dressage stuff. Coolie will have a go at anything you ask of him, and although he is slow to trust once he does you will have a friend for life.

Coolie isn't the biggest fan of cuddles but has a few key itchy spots that he would like to be scratched. If he is feeling cuddly he will let you know and will make faces at anyone who tries to disrupt his cuddle time.

Coolie and I have has so many adventures together, and I hope we have so many more to come. This horse is my rock and my confidence giver.


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