This week has been a bit trying, but not because of ponies. Adulting can be very tedious at times, as can home ownership.
Henry doesn't know what adulting is. He is just interested in what the tiny horse is doing. 

Last week we had roots blocking our loo, so we called the plumber and a heap of $$$ later, the problem was fixed. Wednesday morning we found a slip in our letterbox from our water provider informing us that as our water usage for the current period was so high, we probably had a leak. Could we find the leak? NO. It took a plumber and his special tools 3 hours to find said leak. More $$$ down the drain. Literally.

Anyway we still have no water, but there is a bright side. Since we can't turn our water on we have been staying with my parents, which means extra pony time. I can roll out of bed and feed ponies and instead of running before work I've been riding. Coolie has been less than impressed at the pre-dawn wake up calls, but it is a very pleasant start to my day.
Ugh, I was sleeping!

Yesterday after work Horseland were having a big one day sale so my friend and I went and had a look at what we could spend all our money on. I was very restrained and bought a new bit to jump Coolie in, and a new shirt. I almost bought Henry a new pair of work boots but couldn't convince myself to part with the $$$ just yet. I mean, he has a perfectly functional pair at home.

Tonight Henry will get a ride, and this weekend is set to be a bit quieter after the last few very busy weekends. Hubs and I get to dig a trench! Saturday both the boys are going to have a jump, and Sunday Coolie and I are hopefully getting to play with a friends mechanical cow. We will see how that goes!

I hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend!


  1. You are like the third person I have heard having pipe/water/plumbing issues. UGH I hope it all gets resolved easily and the trench digging goes well :) Wait a mechanical cow? OH get video of this :) Have a great weekend!

    1. It must be that time of year! Luckily I didn't have to do any digging. The mechanical cow wasn't what I imagined but we had fun and I have a video.

  2. what a mess with all the plumbing issues :( cool that you get to spend extra time with the ponies tho while staying at your parents' place!

    1. There is always a bright side! Especially when you can spend more time with ponies


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