Enjoying life

Yesterday arvo I hadn't planned on riding because it was forecast to get very hot. In the end the temperature peaked early and it was starting to cool off to a reasonable temperature after work so I headed home, got changed, and dragged Husband out for a walk (he is a good egg!).

I tacked up Henry since he has been fairly light in rides and headed out the back for a pleasant walk (I'm feeling a bit anti flat work at the moment!). Just was we got started, a friend called to ask if we were at the horses to pick something up and that she was 10 minutes away, so we walked to the road and back and I did some flat work on Henry in a new place while we waited for her.

Although, before we did flat work, we did some CANTER! In an open space. In a straight line. Towards home and his mate. And he was HAPPY! I might have got the baby pony a liiiitle bit revved up. Not exactly setting myself up for success really. Ah well!
I never realised Australia was so pretty!

Henry was a bit amped up. His turns were a bit clunky but he was willing. He would really have liked to have fallen out through his shoulder all the way back to the gate to go home, but I just chipped away at it. He might also have questioned him mothers infinite wisdom on how best to conduct ones self at all times. We might have had a small discussion about keeping all 4 feet on the ground. Except it was only a very small discussion where he was told he does not go off my line, and he will be halted and sent forward. He worked well, and while he was tense he focused on me and what I was asking.
Coolie was spectating from afar

In the end it was some nice work and something new for him but not overly challenging and it turned out to be a nice evening for a ride. Tonight I am going to try and get both of the horses worked. The shorter days are starting to make a difference. Come back long days!


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