A self assessment

There are only 3 days until our next competition. Woohoo! This weekend we are competing Friday and Saturday, thanks to the long weekend.

We already have our times, and the event is local so it's going to be a nice easy weekend for us. We will even get to run at the parkrun Saturday morning before cross country!
He is getting so grown up

Over the weekend, both boys had a nice easy jump. I really have to start pushing Henry more now hes got the whole not running after jumps thing down. Time to take the next step I think. Henry and I have been having a few problems with him falling into the left. Always. To the point where our circles are tiny. Left used to be the easier rein but it seems we have swapped. I was focusing on my hands in trying to correct this, and then last night had a brainwave about checking what the rest of my body was doing. Pretty sure I was crooked. Once I stepped my into my right stirrup we were so much straighter.
So cute!

Stepping down a grade has done exactly what I wanted it to do, and 80 is tiny again. Coolie and I are entered into the 95 at Harvey in 2 weeks time and I am quite excited about it. Hopefully we get a bit of rain before Harvey but that that weekend is dry. Harvey is on the side of a hill and gets very slippery if it rains!
80 is just a speed bump

This week is all about competition prep, and Henry will once again be taking a back seat. I really need to get on to installing lighting in the paddock so I can get both ponies ridden over winter. The shorter days are already having an impact.
90 gets a bit more effort

I am hoping to take the boys up to pony club on Wednesday though, so I have to make sure I ride both tonight.


  1. Exciting for getting back to 95 soon! I hope the competition this weekend goes great ;)

    1. Thanks, I am really looking forward to it! You sound like you had the best weekend too :)


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