A good day and a bad day!

Well, bad is maybe a little strong. Maybe just frustrating!

I rode both the horses last night. Henry had his first jump session of the year and he was brilliant, super calm and happy to do his job. He was much less wiggly to fences, adjustable, and didn't panic if he tapped a pole. He still has some work to do working out what his feet/legs should be doing but his technique is starting to show and it's not too shabby! He was also great over the new fill, a little unsure at first of what was being asked but after the first time realised he just had to jump and was happy after that.

I feel like I lose the plot a bit with my position jumping Henry but it was better last night. Still not as good with Coolie though. Funny how it works like that.

Coolie and I did some flat work. He has been great recently and our ride started in a similar way, he was responsive and seemed happy enough to work. He was behind my leg though and my position felt terrible. I warmed him up by encouraging him to stretch then working on shoulder in and yeilding. Canter was fine but then I picked up the contact and it fell to pieces. He really didn't want to work into any contact at all and kept throwing his head quite dramatically. I tried all the tricks
I have that help him relax and work over the back but nothing helped. I got him to stretch again and he was happy and moving well so I'm not sure if he was having a bad day, or if there is some pain somewhere.

Both the horses are due for a massage and I gave Coolie his Pentosan on Monday evening in his neck so I wonder if he's had a reaction to that. I usually give it to him in his chest and it swells and is quite painful so I wonder if there is something similar happening in his neck and I just can't see it. Coolie has tonight off and then we have a lesson on Friday so hopefully he feels back to normal by then! I am trying not to overthink it but as always, easier said than done!


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