Event prep

Today we are in full swing to get ready for the first event of the season! Saturday morning we are heading off bright and early down to Capel for the Swan River Horse Trials. We have quite a few friends going down so it's going to be SO MUCH FUN.
Capel last year

I'm finishing work early to make sure I have plenty of time to get everything ready. I am so excited. I can't remember the last time I was this excited before an event!

Our aims for the weekend are to have fun, do our best, and just enjoy ourselves. I'd really like Coolie to not get tense in the dressage, and to jump clear in show jumping and cross country. We are going out at 80 rather than 95 because I know Sir Sassy Pants will think he is in charge on cross country. I want an easy, confident start to the season!
Coolie is ready!

Today I'll have a ride on Coolie out in the bush to relax and stretch, then he gets a bath! I have to clean all my gear and pack the float, organise feeds, make sure all the camping stuff is sorted, make the swag up, and buy food.
So. Much. Leather. 

The draw for the weekend looks good, I am in a huge class but not riding dressage until 12.40 so we wont have to head off too early! I was very concerned when I entered this event it was going to be hot and we would all die. It is February after all. We aren't going to die, the temperature is going to be perfect, it might even rain!

Now I just have to get through another 2 hours of work. Easier said than done!
Pony now please!


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