Swan River Horse Trials - Dressage and Show Jumping

We packed up the 2 horses (one competing and Henry just to spectate) and headed down to Capel bright and early on Saturday morning. Both horses traveled well and we arrived without incident 2 and a bit hours later.
Henry looking out at our pit stop location

After we unloaded and settled the horses we headed over to watch our friends dressage tests. They were both fairly happy with how they had done. We caught up with some other friends and basically did a lot of talking until I decided I really needed to get on and plait.

Dressage was at 12.40 so I started to get ready just before 12 and gave Coolie a good 30 minute warm up. He started out a bit lazy and behind my leg but soon perked up and worked quite nicely.

The second we headed over to the arena he got tense, but I just sat up, kept thinking about keeping our shoulders and his ears up, and kept my leg on. As if by magic he relaxed again and we went in. The trot work and the walk in our test was all super. Our canter transitions were late on both legs. I just wasn't quite prepared enough. Over all it was a solid test for us and while there were bad bits, I made a conscious decision to focus on the good bits.

While I was stressaging my friends both show jumped clear. We had more chats, ate lunch and relaxed.
Dakotaberry helping herself to lunch

Show jumping was running late, but Husband was on their case and ended up taking over the marshaling job to help things run a bit smoother. Coolie was feeling great and really listening to me. We went in the ring and he was amazing. I got him to one bad spot and he got us out of it with no dramas. It was a very smooth round! I think Coolie is happy to be back out competing.

Yeah ok, the jumps look tiny

We walked cross country which was an interesting course. My class shared up a lot with 95, but so many of the fences were low. I wasn't concerned about anything and was looking forward to going through 2 water jumps. I was pleased I had entered 80, as so much of the 95 looked big. I know I've done it before but I clearly need to get my eye back in and the confidence topped up.
Husband and DB on the course walk

We finished our day with watching the 2* and 3* show jumping and dinner with friends before an early night.


  1. Oh man coolie looks like he's having such a blast!! Congrats on a fun confidence building day! Those banks look super fun too - not sure my horse is coordinated enough for that yet but maybe one day!!!

    1. I think he thought being back eventing was the best thing ever! I think Charlie could do it, you guys do so much grid work!

  2. Lol the jumps look plenty big to me. And how nice to have the SJ on grass!

    1. It looked big enough on the course walk but has shrunk in the pictures! We often get to SJ on grass, and dressage too.


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