New hats

In the last week Coolie and I both got new hats!
We like new stuff!

I've been on the search for a new helmet for a little while. I bought a new one at the start of last year to comply with the new regulations. It was the same style I've worn for years with no problems but apparently the design has changed and it slipped all over the place, especially when I was jumping. Not being able to see was a bit of an issue so the quest for a helmet was on!

All last year, I tried on helmets where ever I saw them. Some I hated but there was only one I fell instantly in love with. The Kask! It was magical, it fit perfectly and I never wanted to take it off. However at $800 it was out of my price range for what I consider to be a consumable. One fall on my head and $800 goes down the drain!

Much magic!

I understand you can't put a price on safety however there are plenty of less expensive helmets on the market that meet the standards and have been protection noggins for years (including mine!). I gave myself a budget of $400 and set about looking. I had some pretty general requirements, my new helmet had to be black, it had to fit, I needed to try it on before I purchased it, it had to look ok, and it had to be within budget.

I set off to Adelaide with the hopes of finding the right one. I was disappointed. There were not that many helmets for sale, and even less within budget! While I was at Southern Stars purchasing my favourite gloves I looked at what they had helmet-wise. A very helpful sales person came over and gave me the run down and helped me with fitting. I tried on several helmets including the Champion Vent Air Evolution Pro. It was lovely and light, fit well and was comfortable. Plus it was within budget.
Adelaide fun times

I made a note of the size and style but didn't buy it, because I didn't want to carry it half way around the country. I finally got around to ordering it and it arrived in the post last week. I was a bit nervous because it had been so long since I had tried it on, but it was just as I remembered.
Very swish!

My helmet is very light, and doesn't make my head too hot when I am riding. It sits very securely on my head and doesn't move at all! So far I am very pleased with it. I am feeling a little bit worried I am going to fall off and have to replace it though.

Coolie got a new hat too, mostly because it's cute, partly because I want to see if it helps him focus on me during dressage. We will see!
He's not convinced


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