Magical Unicorn

Lats nights ride was pretty normal, nothing super special happened. Husband was in need of a job so I put him to work filming bits of my ride (thanks Hubs!).

Thankfully he loves me

I was pretty happy with how Coolie and I worked, he was nice and forward, willing, not too resistant and pretty steady into the contact. I had him nicely around my leg, and working from behind and over his back properly.

Sir Sass Pants has been getting far more consistent over the last few years, and more noticeably in the last 12 months. His shape has changed and he is much stronger and generally finding working correctly a bit easier.

I was still pretty amazed when I watched the video back. Coolie looks amazing! I am so thrilled with how he is coming along. We both need a lot of work still but it's good to see we are making progress. His trot looks great, consistent in the contact, forward and flowing. His canter is getting there but he is still a bit resistant. I need to work on my right side, I change how my body works when we are on the right rein and this is clear in Coolies way of going. I also need to remember to carry my hands! 

Basically I just wanted to gush about how I think my horse is the best thing since sliced bread, and that I think he's a magical unicorn.

Hopefully our hard work will be reflected this weekend at the first event of the season! The draw is out and now I am SO EXCITED!


  1. oooh that's super exciting about the upcoming show - i love it when my horse is feeling like a million bucks leading up to a show. Coolie looks great too!


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