Goal check in

It's still pretty early in the year but I am very pleased with how some of my goals are coming along. The horses goals are still a progress because it's a steady build up but some of mine required a definitive change in how I live my day to day life.

Running 5x per week

I haven't been running everyday but I have been running, walking, or cycling before work every morning. I have also set a goal to run in a 12km fun run at the end of May to keep me motivated. So far this goal is a win since sometimes I am physically unable to run daily.

Eat less chocolate

I haven't had any since the first week of January and I haven't had cravings either! Hubby and I have overhauled our diet and we both feel so much better. Actually this is a bit of a lie, I went on a cake decorating course and learnt how to make chocolate decorations. But I didn't eat that much and have none since. I've also had none at work which is the biggest issue!

Attend more clinics with new coaches

I'm yet to attend a clinic but I am booked in to a clinic with Craig Barrett in March. My coach is organising it and recommended it to me, and I am really excited about it.

Reduce alcohol consumption

This is a win too, with the exception of this week where we had my Mum and Husbands birthdays to celebrate. We have had no more than 2 drinks, restricted to weekends.

All round, I am feeling better in life. I feel fitter and healthier and am having a more positive body image. My recovery from my accident has been fast and I think it's down to determination on my part to improve myself. I still have lots of goals to meet, and I have to maintain the work I have done but I am certainly setting some better habits.


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