Weekend Fun

Saturday I met a friend and had a little taste of cross country. I took Coolie out with the intention of getting him focused and getting the sillies out before our lesson on Sunday. I planned on jumping very little and mostly helping my friend because I was conscious Coolie was already doing a lot of jumping between our Friday and Sunday lessons.

My friend and I had a chat about where she was in her training and some problems she had been facing. I got her warming up over a log, checking she had adjustability and that her horse was listening. Paris likes to take a long spot so I had her do some exercises to get them closer to the fence. Mostly it was about the rider stepping up and taking control.

We had fun int he water and banks, Coolie jumping a few small things as we went. Coolie was really happy to be out and felt game for everything.

I challenged my friend and got her thinking and by then end they were doing small courses and mostly getting a good take off spot. They still have a bit to work on but she was feeling a lot more confidant by the end.

We took the horses in the river to cool down and Coolie had a lovely time playing in the water. He is a water baby!


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