Friday mornings done right

We've been having a very mild summer by Perth standards this year with most days sitting at around 30C, but temps of 37C yesterday and 36C today make it a bit too hot to ride after work. So instead of running this morning Coolie and I had a jump!

The easterly wind was blowing strongly and after a fairly easy week, Coolie was feeling fresh. We warmed up over a cross, which he was quite calm about and popped with a nice shape before we added in an upright. Coolie just wanted to go go go! There was a lot of head tossing and fast canter but he did some good work. I felt my position needs to be stronger and I need to get better at my release still. I also need to keep him around my leg more and focus on the quality of the canter. 

Nothing much exciting happened but it was just lovely to ride my horse doing what we love when he feels so well. Bonus that it's Friday!

This weekend Henry will also have a jump to remind him about poles before our lesson with Jonna McLean on Monday! Coolie gets to go XC on Saturday and both of the horses will get a nice bush ride on Sunday.


  1. Sounds like great plans for the weekend too! Have fun!


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