Dressage training day

Sunday was another busy day, with Husband and I starting our day with a lovely cycle around the Swan River. It's nice to do non-horse things sometimes!
Proof I ride a bike!

Coolie and I had the joy of Sunday afternoon dressage training on Sunday. I entered 2 eventing tests with the intention of getting some solid arena time and practicing keeping him bent an flexed using shoulder fore, flexion and counter flexion, leg yields etc. during the test.

It was an awesome experience. The judge took the time prior to my first test to ask what I wanted to improve on. She asked me to trot on the circle and gave me a few pointer before I went and rode the test. She told me I needed think abut rising from my core rather than my legs, and to carry my hands up not drop them. I also need to think about lifting Coolies shoulders as well as my own. I need to stop asking for him to go forward, he is plenty forward and any more just makes him run. I need to think ears up!

Can be fancy sometimes
As soon as I thought about rising from my core I felt Coolie lift through his back. It was a really cool feeling. It was very hard to keep remembering to carry my hands but I am aware of the problem so just have to keep chipping away.

The first test was really good for us. He was responsive and worked well. The judge agreed but told me I have to do less. Allow him to do his job, don't move my body so much in canter!

I practiced the canter with the judge giving me some more pointers before I went to do the second tests.

Coolie felt better again in the second test but I was focusing so much on what I was doing I kept forgetting where I was supposed to be going until the last second so didn't give Coolie much time to prepare, poor fellow!

The judge was super supportive and friendly, and agreed my second test was much better.

The scores are about what I would expect from us, we even got an 8! It was a fantastic outing, I felt liek we had some great imporvements and that I can keep bilding on what we do with my coach. The judge just told me what Bec does, but in a differnet way that seemed to click for me.


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