First Comp of 2018

Saturday was a super busy day for me, following Henry's lesson Coolie and I went show jumping.

I had entered a 75cm and 90cm round,. It was the first time in ages we were jumping indoors. Coolie knew as soon as we got off the float what was up, and he was FRESH. He was ready to go and didn't want to stand. When I got on he was jiggy, and very up. There may have been some expressions in the canter. I warmed him up and got him listening as best I could before we went into the arena. 

Coolie has been in this arena quite a few times over the year's mostly for dressage but I knew he would be extra spooky but willing. True to form, Coolie went in and spooked at several jumps on the way to the judge. 

I can't say I did much more than steer and half halt, Coolie did the rest. He was VERY speedy but felt GREAT over the fences. We jumped clear and fast. 

After our round we went back to the float to get a drink and I thought, 'hmmm, I think we need to do another 75, I'm not sure 90 will do us any favours!'. So I went back and changed my round to a second 75cm course to smooth things out and get Sir Sass Pants to CALM DOWN.

He was much calmer in the second round but still not really listening. I was glad we hadn't done 90. I think while we would have gotten around it wouldn't have been pretty and you have to ride the horse you have on the day. We also haven't jumped many courses this year yet and there is plenty of time to get back up there. 
I love him so much! I think he tolerates me at best

Our first speedy round got us 4th place, we were too speedy for the optimum time! I think we both had such a good time and now I really am counting down to our first event of the season. 


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