Stretchy stretchy

After 2 weeks off work with his soft feet, Coolie has his shoes back on and has had a few rides. The first ride I kept pretty easy but maybe did a little bit too much as his back was a bit sore the next day. Monday we went for a bush ride and his feet didn't bother him at all.

Tuesday I rode Henry first on the flat. He was super as always so I kept it pretty short. After I hopped on Coolie. He felt a little stiff to start but we worked on stretching. After a good 20 minutes stretching I picked up the contact for a few circles, before cooling down with a big stretchy walk.

Last night I decided to lunge Coolie so he could have a stretch without a rider. He is much better at stretching on his own, and I had forgotten how much he enjoys it! We didn't do much but I lunged him over some trot poles and made sure he was not slugging along too much.

It was also really good to see him moving from the ground and to make sure there were no issues. He is looking rather well!


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