Size does matter

Now, I am not one for willy nilly gear changes, but last night in my lesson I changed it up.

We were going about quite well in our usual Myler. I like the Myler, Coolie likes the Myler and so everyone is mostly happy. I put the inconsistent contact we have down to my bad riding and Coolie's struggles with working properly.
With the Myler

Last night our lesson was going quite well. Coolie was working into a reasonable frame and going forward. However he was sitting behind the bit ever so slightly. So super coach was like hmmm, I think we should try something fatter.

So fatter we went. Much fatter than I have ever gone before. We popped it in, got back on and immediately noticed a change. A really good change! Coolie was so much more consistent and was taking the contact. Shock horror! I felt so much more connected in my hand and overall it made things easier.
Taking the contact!

Our lesson was hard work. My position is overall much better (yay homework!) but my hands have been all over the place, mostly low and wide. BAD! So I was trying to not do low and wide. When I tried to use my right hand less, it was like my whole body stopped. I apparently keep my brain in my right hand. Lets just say that trying to leg yield while doing NOTHING does not result in a leg yield. Very challenging.

We got there and I was really happy with our progress. Now we just have to put it to the test.


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