Happy progress

Life has been a little busy recently, and since Coolie has come back into work he has been my main focus. So Henry has accidentally had 5 days off.

I thought I had better hop on and remind him he is a riding horse, not a paddock ornament. In the past Henry has had mixed reactions to being ridden after time off, usually him showing me how he can run really fast!

I had a little bit of concern he would be feeling extra good with all the spring grass but I ignored that, and just got on with it. I really think the key is to just get on with the normal routine and not change anything just because he might be fresh!

I hopped on and played about with transitions to halt, and leg yeilding. That was all pretty good especially after my position tune up in a lesson this week.  I popped him into trot and again he was lovely and responsive, happy to settle into a rhythm and work quite well.

Onto canter, where he feels the most expressive (although never really naughty!). I pushed him into bigger trot and made him think it was his idea and he popped into canter and it was all just very easy, both reins the same. We had a bit of a stretch at trot and called it a day.

Pointless really but I was so happy with how well behaved he was, and how relaxed I was!


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