Sunny Saturday

Saturdays are a good day! This weekend my wonderful husband was off course building at the Royal Show, so I had a whole weekend to myself.

Turns out it was a really busy weekend with lots of horse time. But not enough horse time!

Saturday I squeezed a ride in on Henry before my friend came over for a ride. She is has entered an event on a new to her horse, I thought it would be good for them to do some grid work. I decided it would be good for Coolie too but wanted to try jumping in just his snaffle, rather than his gag.

it was really hard work for my friend and her horse to get through the grid, but they worked hard and got it spot on in the end. The grid got them to be straight, and get a good pace to get a good distance.

I whacked the height up for Coolie and he was super, found it really easy and didn't pull in the softer bit.

After we wrapped up, the physio came out to do both the horses who were a bit sore. Henry was very good for his first session and mostly just stood still.

The rest of the day was spent doing house work. I would rather do horse things!


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