I don't lunge very often. I'm not one of those people who lunge every time I ride, or go to a show. I think that just builds fitness and has limited benefit.

No lunging pics
However, lunging when done correctly has a huge number of benefits. It helps horses find their balance and learn how to accept the contact without a rider, it can help them to build muscle, it can help riders develop a better seat.

Last night I went to ride Coolie but he had a scabby sore where his girth goes (no idea what it is, it was dry skin the other day!) so I decided to lunge him to have a good stretch over his back. he has been a bit sore recently so I figured it would do him good.

He loves a good stretch and puts his head right down. it also helped me see how he was moving and reassure me he is sound (I'm just a little paranoid).

I decided Henry should have a go too. He needs to balance and also stretch. I just lunged him in his halter. I wanted him to be relaxed and not worry about anything. He had a little play, and then a big stretch! It was good to see how he moves too. Again it was good to reassure myself he is sound!

I am hoping to ride both of them today, then this weekend Henry has a lesson, and his first cross country session!


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