Jump all the things!

This weekend was very much about jumping all the things!

We haven't jumped in a while. Not since we went down to Dryandra. Since we had entered a show jumping comp on the weekend I figured we should probably remember what colour poles looked like.
Spring has pretty colours too!

Thursday I set up a grid to encourage Coolie to use himself a bit better. First run through he was pretty happy to be back jumping. I just had the bounce jumps set and the rest of the grid was poles. He bounced fine and then proceeded to JUMP the poles. Clearly he had been missing the jumping things. we ran through the grid a few more times, gradually building it up until we finished on a 1.05m spread and called it a day.
Gee my breeches are a good colour!

Friday we went for a relaxing bush ride with both the horses.

Saturday we headed down to show jumping. I had 2 rounds at 2 heights. We got there and they were running late. 3 hours later I had only done one round and was looking at another 2 hours before my second round, so I decided to leave it with one round.
Mum, this jump is too small

The round we did do was good. He jumped well, and was responsive if a little enthusiastic. We got one rail where I think he wasn't quite focused enough but he made sure after that to not touch a thing. His rhythm was a lot better, but i think I need to change my jumping bit up because he was over reactive when I touched it to woah, or turn.

Jump the things!
Sunday we did really fun things... cross country! Coolie was feeling extra good. He was keen to let me know he was happy to be back out jumping all the things! We are still working on getting the perfect pace and spot to the fences and to calm him down and help him be less reactive.
Jump all the big things!

When we get a long spot he get worried. So we have to teach him to lengthen without panicking.
Feeling very please for having jumped the big things

His self carriage in gallop is really getting there and so is his adjustability. It was such a fun session and we jumped some bigger things with no worries!!
Terrible picture but I was so happy with how we rode this


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