Faster, faster!

Coolie and I spend a lot of time working on going slower. So when we get the chance to go flat out, we leap at it!
Ears back to add streamline

This weekend at pony club we had the Coaches Cup, and rather than stand in the arena attempting to wrangle kids, I got to ride!

Me holding a shinny winners trophy
We were split into teams, told to decorate our horses in team colours and then had to do a number of activities. Of course the best were the GAMES. Coolie and I in our pony club hey day were games champions. We competed at the state championships and won regularly. It was the best and I think it is Coolies favourite.

Yesterday I lined Coolie up for the first race of the day and as we looked down the line of poles it was on! He very much enjoyed himself and got the fastest time of the day by far.

I think we both enjoyed going FAST. Fast is the best and something we are super good at!
We get shiny medals for going FAST


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