Winter weekends

This weekend we had fine weather. For the whole weekend!

I don't feel like I have much of a weekend. It was just so busy. Saturday was spent doing grown up stuff like talking to the bank, then picking up horse feed and doing chores. I did however get a good ride in on Henry.
It make Henny itchy!

Coolie had the day off as I knew his back was sore. He got a visit to the physio and is now feeling much better!

Sunday I went to spectate at Little Gidge and catch up with friends. This was very hard for me. Dakota and I had such a good time there last year, it really hit home that that will never happen again. She is still very much with me.

In the afternoon I had a lovely long ride with Henry. We had some really nice canter work and we attempted a tiny cross rail without too much drama. He also went for a paddle in the dam and a nice walk in the back paddock.

Coolie got heat packet and had another day off. Slacker! This week he will be back to it. We have a jumping lesson on Thursday and 2 days of show jumping this weekend. It's going to be cold and wet!

Sooo pretty


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