Show Jumping < Eventing

So this weekend we went away for 2 days of show lumping. Usually we would just do a local show but OH is doing his show jumping judge qualification and needed to be signed off on shadowing so off we went!

Thursday I had a lesson to tune up for the weekend. our last lesson was amazing and coolie was on the job. This lesson not so much but we got there in the end and jumped some really nice, big fences.

Friday NOTHING went to plan. Farrier forgot to show up, then showed up after I had already gone to do something else, then it rained, then I didn't get a ride in. Just one of those days where nothing goes right.

Saturday we were up early to drive 2 hours to the show. It rained the whole way. Once we arrived it magically stopped and other than the odd shower it didn't rain again until we were tucked into bed!

OH judged all day in my ring, and I picked poles, raked wet ground and stood around until my classes.

First class was 80. I haven't jumped 80 competitively in ages. It was pretty low and easy. Coolie had a great rhythm and I really pushed him forward in the jump off without loosing it.
I have no photos!

90 was also easy but I mucked up the distance to the fist fence, meaning we took a rail at the second fence.

Then we were done for the day. I fed the boys and walked Henry before heading down to watch the 6 bar. I saw the course designed setting up one of the rings ALL BY HERSELF, so offered to help.  It was a real shock to see no one helping. That just doesn't happen in eventing. Helper duties are mandatory but most people don't mind lending an extra hand for the greater good.

Sunday OH judged all day again and I had to wait ALL DAY for my classes. I watched a bit of jumping, did a bit of reading and finally got on to ride.

My first round was not so great, Coolie was a bit over excited and so was I. We had 2 down. The next class was far better, just getting a little too deep into the double to tap the rail.

We came away with exactly 0 placings, a little disappointing. Our rounds are showing improvement and I feel like it was a good experience. However from now on we are only going to do local show jumping. It just isn't the same as eventing. Eventers are far friendlier, more helpful and more appreciative!


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