Making mistakes

Henry is my third young horse, and I am just so paranoid about making mistakes.

I have seen how quickly things can go disastrously wrong by allowing cracks into training and it is always at the back of my mind. I also really struggle to block out self doubt and fear when I am training Hen because of previous experiences.
Wet with a side of wet

To date Henry has shown himself to be a genuine young horse. He tests the boundaries but not threatening way. He is just trying to learn what he needs to do. I have no reason to be afraid of what Henry might do because he has shown no signs of doing anything.

It has been so wet here in the last few weeks, I cant ride in the paddock. Coolie and I have done a lot of bush riding and had a few flat rides if the rain eases for long enough. Henry has had a lot of time off as a result. Last night I took the horses up to pony club to use the arenas.

It was Henry's first time here and as he's had so much time off I decided to lunge him after I had ridden Coolie.

Well, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. In hindsight I should have done a heap of groundwork with him and gotten him used to the surroundings, then just ridden him. I thought lunging would be the best way for him to burn energy but Henry isn't that type of horse.

We ended on a good note but I was so frustrated at myself for making such a big mistake. I don't think I have done any lasting damage but I am so aware of what might go wrong.

At least my ride on Coolie was good
Tonight we are all going back up there and this time I will be doing ground work with Henry before I hop on and ride. Will he test the boundaries? Yes. Will be get away with it? No. Will he be actively bad? Of course not, he is Henry and just isn't a naughty horse. I just wish I could shake past experiences and get rid of the doubt in my mind.

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.


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