Spring has sprung

After weeks of rain we finally had a lovely fine weekend, it was even warm! Saturday morning I rode Henry. He felt tired after our lesson, but he got the hang of bigger trot and little trot, and flexion whilst walking and trotting. I made sure I was giving with my outside hand around the circle to allow him to turn properly and worked on my position bit more.

I got a cool hat
We had a canter and then went for a paddle in the dam to cool down. I am trying to expose Henry to as much water as possible as it seems to really worry him. We went for a paddle on Thursday and it was a really big deal for him. I just have to sit quietly and be really patient while he figures it out. Saturday he was still nervous but went in pretty much right away. I think we are slowly chipping away at it.

Sunday was windy and I think the spring weather is definitely making the horses perk up a bit. I turned them out in the morning and Coolie just wandered around eating, but Henry lost it when Coolie got what he thought to be too far away (like 20m, calm down!) Henry started galloping around, tried to turn and stop but didn't quite make it and ran into the fence...

Puppies are much more sensible than horses
I really don't need them to give me a heart attack. I caught them both and inspected Henry. Other than losing a bit of skin he was fine. I turned them both out together this time so there was no chance of Coolie being too far away and decided not to ride as I imagine Henry was going to be a bit sore. Stupid animal!

On a brighter note, Coolie is sound and will hopefully get his shoe back on Friday. Our plans for September have gone out the window but at least we will get to finish the season.


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