I'm feeling a bit meh this week. Nothing good or bad, just nothing exciting or shiny. I have 2 posts in draft but I'm just not feeling it! I don't know if it's because we are in the depths of winter and it's cold and wet, or something else.
Caspian know exactly how I'm feeling!
Coolie and I had a jump the other day and it was just so average. Nothing really bad, but I didn't feel like I was in the moment enough. I made some small mistakes and he was feeling very full of it. I nearly fell off because I just couldn't sit and wait and we weren't on the same page. We finished on a good note though but it doesn't help the slightly meh feeling.

I guess we looked ok. Jumps look small though!
Yesterday there was a big (for Perth) storm so I opted not to ride. Henry is having a week off anyway and the day off wont do Coolie any harm. Henry is already pestering me about his lack of job. He does enjoy his work!

Today Coolies shoe is just barley holding on, and the farrier is coming tomorrow so I have decided to lunge instead of ride. I am hoping the stretchy lunge will help him. His back has seemed a bit sore, but he has been thoroughly checked over by the vet (also a chiropractor), the physio and the saddle fitter and he was fine, so I am hoping it's just his body adjusting to getting his hocks done. His work under saddle feels good though. I wish they could talk!
Sunday was so lovely!
Tonight I'll give him a massage and heat packs and hopefully he will feel a bit better with some general strengthening. If not I'll get his Auntie Kate the physio to come and visit him. He needs to be feeling tip top since Wooroloo is only 3 weeks away and we have a clinic next weekend.

At least all the wet, cold weather means I haven't had to worry about changing the boys rugs the last 2 days. They have been staying nice and warm in their PJs and I don't think they mind one bit! My colleague just told me that a bit of death metal is perfect to help cheer him up in this weather. Not my cup of tea, but whatever works!
Personally I would rather some quality horse time!


  1. Eh sometimes that meh feeling is just kinda what it is. I’m sure things will click back on soon!

  2. The meh weeks suck, we all have them! Where nothing is really wrong, but nothing is fun either. You'll snap out of it!

    1. Thanks, I know I'll feel more positive soon. I'm blaming the weather


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