Wooroloo goals

This weekend is the Wooroloo International 3 Day Event. We only do the usual 2 days, but it's still a big deal event. I love this event, it's always so fun and well run, plus it's more than just a dressage competition.
Beautiful girl killed it here 2 years ago
I'm a bit nervous about it to be honest, although I know I just have to trust my training. I think mainly I feel nervous because we haven't trained XC since our run at Dryandra, and it's been too wet to do much jumping at home in the past weeks. I am hoping that with no rain forecast for the rest of the week I'll get a jump in on Friday.

Our times are out already and we are in for a nice relaxing weekend. I wont have to plait until Saturday, and since dressage isn't until 2, we get a sleep in. We also get to SJ after XC which I quite like, although I imagine Coolie is going to be feeling fresh around the XC course. The hills will soon slow him down.
My best guy killed it here last year
My goals for the weekend are first and foremost to have fun and enjoy it. I'll be there with my best Orange horse, My best Husband, and my best Friend. What's not to enjoy?

Dressage I would like to really fee like I have self carriage in the test, and to have good transitions and ride as accurately as possible.

XC... set and forget. Self carriage around the course, and do not micro manage. Feel confident in my training. We have answered these questions before.

SJ, really focus on landing on the right lead, use the course to set us up, and don't jump ahead.

Wish us luck, now I just have to clean all my gear. So far so good on the rain front too.


  1. Good luck!!! I’ve never been to a really big show like that but it sounds exciting!! My fingers are crossed that you guys have a killer weekend ;)

    1. It is very exciting, and so cool to compete at!


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