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We had XC up first on Sunday and again we got to have a nice easy start since we didn't hit the start box until 10. We met up with Emily and headed up the hill after feeding Henry. Once again we arrived with plenty of time to relax and have some brekky before putting studs in and tacking up.
Some of the very best people studding my horse for me
I hopped on with about 20 minutes to warm up and headed over. My Mum even came to watch so I was feeling pretty pleased and only a little bit nervous.

In the warm up there was a big crash and the horse landed on a rider which is the last thing both Mum and me need to see. Mum isn't super keen on watching me event! The horse and rider both went on to place in my class, so they were fine which is a relief!

Coolie warmed up well though and soon enough we were in the start box being counted down. As soon as the timer started counting from 10, there was a crash on course and we were held in the box for a good 10 minutes. I kept Coolie moving while we waited and some how felt less nervous.

They finally cleared the course and we were off. Jumps 1-4 jumped super and helped us establish our rhythm early on.  Jump 5 was the first fence that involved the terrain and wide open space and while Coolie didn't look at the jump I think he was surprised to come out into the open, and to see the ground suddenly drop away.
Jump 3

6 was the jump on course I was really worried about. I don't know why, I know square oxers jump fine. Plus we have jumped this one before. I steadied Coolie early after our first downhill gallop, then let him flow to the fence and he jumped it great. Hopefully we get a good picture from it.
Jump 6, no husband for scale. It was BIG. Reality was it was 95cm though. 
7 was the first combination on course, a sizable drop then 3 strides on a curved lone to a roll top. I set Coolie up well, collecting him and letting him pop off. I widened my hands and he locked on to the B element and flew over it.

8 was a simple pheasant feeder, and 9 was an oxer back up the hill. These both rode fine and we galloped up the hill to the water. As we came around the corner to 10 a brush fence 3 strides before the water, Coolie was eyeing up all the spectators right next to our fence. He was a bit distracted jumping the brush fence and he didn't see the drop into the water at 11A until the last second. We had a stop as a result but he hopped right in the second time and then our over a skinny brush. I probably could have asked him to jump right in, but I know my horse jumps into water and so I chose to school it and keep the confidence up.
People were to the right of this

12 was a skinny chevron back down the hill which we flew over and then over the trakahner at the bottom of the hill. 14 AB was a bank to a roll top which we nailed and then we climbed all the way back up to the top of the hill. 15 AB was a double of logs down hill and then 16 which was a ski jump, where the crash had been while I was in the start box. The ground before 16 was really cut up and the hill was seriously steep. I landed from 15 and half halted, really steadying Coolie and he popped over no problems.

You can get the idea of the terrain, 17 is on the left

18 in the distance on the left, the jump isn't as big as Andrew is making it look though!
We kept the pace steady to 17, another trakahner and then Coolie put a big galloping effort to a roll top. We kept cruising to the penultimate fence and finished strong over the last jump.

Jump 19 at the top of the hill
We were slow on time, and our one stop meant it wasn't our best XC round, but that course was tough. The terrain and the ground made it seriously hard work and some of the questions were pretty tricky too. I was so pleased to have finished and Coolie pulled up well after.
He was clearly not feeling tired as we galloped up the final hill
We were vetted at the finish and the vet was happy with him and his recovery was quite short. We pulled studs and iced his legs and walked him a lot before he got breakfast and relaxed before show jumping.

Andrew had been really worried about how I would react to the stop. I usually react badly, and really beat myself up over them. This time though, while even a few days later I'm a liiiiitle bit disappointed I didn't do more, I'm still ok with it. I know what I will change next time we have a crowd.


  1. wooooo that course looks pretty impressive and beefy, esp with the terrain! congrats on making quick work of it! the stop is a bummer, but i love your attitude of just treating it like schooling to help give the horse more confidence. next time he'll be ready for it! sounds like a great day overall, and so cool so many folks came to help you out! (esp jealous of the help with studs lol, why is it so exhausting to get them in?!? haha...)

    1. Thanks! the stop is just one of those things and next time we will both be ready. He's the best kid out so I know he will try 100%.

      So helpful that they stud for me, I don't even ask them. it just happens. Studding get easier with time, and a crate to sit on... i am very thankful I have help though, it lets me focus on my routine.

    2. lol yea that crate was the first thing i noticed in the picture and was like, "Omg genius idea!" haha...

    3. Em was like make sure you pack it! i don;t argue with her. But really I also don't go anywhere without my crate. So many uses!

  2. Ahh nuts about the stop! I think it was great for the both of you that you did school it! Congrats on a great round!

    1. Thanks! It's frustrating but I have learnt what to do next time and I think that's the most important


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