Smile and breathe

From one competition to another! This weekend is the last competition of the Walliston combined training series.

I have both boys entered, because I got brave last minute and signed Henry up. Cue me having a nervous break down 4 days out. Pretty much wanting a divorce from my brain at this point.
Oh yeah... I can do it!
So in light of setting goals to have a better weekend and to help me stay positive we have this glorious blog post. The lead up to this competition is going to be less than perfect... I have a hens party the day before. It's going to be an early morning too. But it will be fine. I'm not one for partying late into the night, and I doubt I will drink that much.

My goals for Coolie are to keeping chipping away at my dressage score. This test is the trickiest and therefore the best. I'm really looking forward to the challenge! Bring on counter canter loops.

In jumping I want a nice steady rhythm and to push the forward rhythm more. We got time penalties at Wooroloo so I need to ride more forward. Landing on the correct lead would be ideal too!

For Henry, I want him to stay calm. I want me to stay calm. I want to be effective and for us both to have a positive experience. The Kid has grown up a heap since the first competition he did, and this format will be slightly different from the first competition in the series where he was unsettled by all the happenings. He has been to busier competitions since.  I am going to take everything one step at a time.
This was a HUGE event for a young horse
I will practice only using positive language; I can do this. Henry is a good boy. I love riding. We are good at this. Jumping is fun. I am relaxed. I can ride. You get the picture!

I will remember to breathe. I will smile. I am determined to get on top of this damn anxiety! I am actually feeling very positive today, so hopefully the feeling lasts!


  1. one step at a time and positive language -- sound like pretty solid goals to me!! and you CAN do this, sometimes the hardest part is worrying about actually enjoying it while you're at it lol ;) good luck with both the boys!!


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