Wooroloo International 3DE - Dressage

Saturday got off to a very relaxing start, with my dressage not until 2 in the afternoon. We had a sleep in, then plaited and packed before setting off at about 11.30.

We arrived with plenty of time to check in and relax some more before tacking up. I made sure I knew my dressage test, which was a different one to normal. I watched some dressage, then slowly started to tack up. I got on with about 30 minutes to warm up.

Coolie warmed up feeling AMAZING. He was really on my aides and willing to work. Half an hour was too long to warm up. It was a warm day, so once I had him where I wanted I just walked him around.

The penciller went to the loo as we stated circling the arena so we got quite a few laps in. I considered going for a canter but the lady came back so we ran out of time. The judge beeped the horn, and I came around to enter the arena.

Coolie decided that was the perfect time to spook at A and the pretty plant next to it. I quickly did another circle and we entered minus a spook!

The test was quite nice. Coolie's trot has improved so much and he was much better into the contact. His trot could have had more impulsion, but overall I was happy. Our canter transitions were better than they have been in the past, but he was still a bit exuberant and hollow. The canter itself was better too.

I feel like his walk could have been a bit stretchier but I was proud of our test. I chose not to check my scores and just go with how I felt. This seems to work best for me and helps me enjoy my weekend more.

Andrew and I walked my XC and while I was nervous, there wasn't anything we hadn't done before. The course is so hilly at Wooroloo I was slightly worried about Coolie's fitness since we haven't done enough leading up to the event.
So pretty, so steep!


  1. i always want to wait to look at my dressage test too bc it does help me from getting distracted.... but it's so tempting i can almost never resist lol. sounds like a great test tho - looking forward to hearing about the rest!

    1. I have to work really hard to not look. I want to know if we have improved but then I know if we haven't I'll feel terrible. So I send Andrew to get my test and I avoid the score board.

  2. I feel I'll not check my scores too! lol Sometimes not knowing is better lol. Can't wait to hear about the rest!

    1. It makes for a better weekend, especially as placing for me is a rarity. Better to feel like I've improved than feel like the scores don't reflect what I felt.


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