Walliston Combined Training event 2

This time round I opted to just take Coolie to keep chipping away at our dressage and show jumping. Andrew was away for the week so I wanted to make things easy for myself and I have another outing planned for Henry next weekend.

I think this is the 4th or 5th weekend in a row I have plaited. I am getting pretty fast and I think I am refining my skills. I seriously thought about inverting in some Quick Knot things, but I am probably just as fast at sewing so I decided to save my money.

I wasn't riding until 11, so I had a nice casual morning getting myself organised. We arrived with plenty of time to catch up with my friends and then Coolie and I got ready for dressage. Just as I was heading over to warm up, a friend and fellow competitor informed me that there had been an error in the draw and we weren't riding for another hour. Bugger! So Coolie was untacked and I went and had some cake!

Take 2 and we were back on track. Coolie warmed up feeling a little argumentative, not wanting to leg yield and being a bit pissy about going into the contact. I tried to work him through it as best I could and by the time we went in I had got him mostly on side.

My main aim for the test was to keep my hands up, keep Coolie rounder and in front of my leg, and to have better transitions, particularly the canter transition to the right. Like last weekend, I utilised my time around the arena to get Coolie moving and for once he didn't get tense. He was feeling responsive and forward but not quite as into the contact as I'd have liked.

The test went well, and overall I thought it was ok. The same improvements we always need to make but he was better in our trot work and his canter transitions were quite good. The judge was really lovely and I have had a lesson with her before. She is old school, and really knows her stuff. She scored me very fairly and all her comments were well thought out and constructive. We pretty much scored straight 6's but I am ok with that with this judge! Even better I got to have lunch with her after and really enjoyed chatting with her.
Can we all just appreciate me riding with my hands UP for a sec?
For jumping I was doing a round of 90 to warm up and then the 100 for the combined training. Again I had Bec, Craig and Jonna in my head really thinking about lead changes and rhythm. We got all the right leads in the warm up but struggled in the actual round. It's going to take some finessing I think. The 90 felt good, and Coolie jumped super and maintained a great rhythm. I feel like I have that sorted now. We just had the last down but won the class.

The 100 we had a good rhythm too, but Coolie accelerated into 6 to have it down and since it was a related line to 7 we had that too. Over all though it was 2 improved rounds and he felt so rideable. We really have improved. Bec watched both rounds and was pleased with what she saw too!
He is such a star!
We ended up 2nd in the combined training and I thought it was a very valuable day out. I am looking forward to the third event!


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