Henry goes to adult riders

Sunday was our first adult rider rally, which I have been really looking forward to!

We got there with plenty of time to spare so I could tack up and lunge Henry and work out where we needed to be.

Henry was pretty chill about everything, as I expected. he has got the go somewhere new, stand around routine down pat now. I fed him brekky there and he scoffed it before I tacked him up. He was very good to lunge, and I hopped on after a few laps.
Mmm breakfast!

Henry grew about a hand as we walked past the arena with all the horses in their lessons. A quick reminder that I was the person he needed to pay attention to and he pulled his head back in. We walked around our arena while we waited for the previous lesson to finish.

We introduced ourselves to the coach, who is a dressage rider. It was just us and one other rider in our group so it was a good introduction for Henry to the environment since he is used to working on his own. We got right to work, focusing on leg yield.
Need to get him working better from behind!

Henry was being such a good boy. He was really keeping his mind on the job, wasn't at all bother about the other horses and other lessons around us. He got a bit distracted when people in another lesson started bouncing a giant ball, but I flexed him back to the inside and we carried on as normal.
Best baby horse

I was so impressed at how grown up he was, how well he worked, and how relaxed he stayed. He is such a super little horse. He got lots of compliments too. Adult riders was quite a good experience, everyone was very friendly but it was a bit different to what I am used to! I am looking forward to the next rally, I plan on doing 2 lessons.

Tied up all on his own, too tired to care


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