First world problems

Ahhh, it's that joyful time of year where I wish I had an arena! Things have been wet, wet, wet here, and everything is turning to mush. I try not to complain too much because the alternative is hot, dry and hard which is also not very fun. I am pleased the days are getting noticeably longer though!

Mostly the lack of arena makes things tricky when Henry reverts to baby horse mode and decides he has feelings about working. 99% of the time he is an angel and loves working, loves being a good boy, and loves having a job. Recently though, with the cold, wet weather, a few days off and extra feed I have been giving him (he is still slightly too lean for my liking) he is feeling very, very well. And he needs to express this.

Also bum high, lacking topline and growing his last adult teeth in
Having an argument about how we work properly with a 4 year old horse in a wet, slippery paddock is no fun. Let me tell you that now! Add to that dark and rain and you get even less fun. I am just hoping I can convince him that being a Very Good Boy on Saturday at our competition is the best outcome for all involved. And I have to keep in my mind that Henry is a very good boy. He isn't being naughty on purpose. He just feels good and has lots of extra energy. His version of naughty gets less naughty the more trained he gets too.

He is getting better at jumping things. That uses loads of energy too
Last night I could feel it building. I knew we were going to get shenanigans, so I just sat straighter, put my heels down further and got on with it. Henry does this really annoying thing where he stall, then spurts forward. I find it so frustrating! Although I am sure it's probably me causing the problem, it usually is. We were crossing the diagonal and I knew he was going to try something. He felt like he was going to run forward, so I halted him. and the little poo squealed and tried to buck in the halt! That was a first. I asked him to trot and he kept a lid on it for a bit longer before he pulled out his party piece.

Henry had his own signature move, it's his go to when he needs to show his feelings. I'm sure he has a really cool name for it when he tells all his mates about it, but I call it the Drop the Right Shoulder, and Run Through it While Dolphin Leaping,or DRSRTWDL. Very catchy, and SO MUCH FUN. To be fair in terms of young horse moves it's pretty low down the scale. And he only has to be told once that it's not cool and he tones it down. The straighter he becomes in his training the faster it is to stop too. It used to take half an arena. Now it's about one stride and I have him halted.

"I'm a dolphin!"
Trying to correct the behaviour is tricky when the ground is wet and slippery. And always in the back of my mind isn't the worry about the actual behaviour, it's the worry that he will try it on, then slip over because the ground is so wet or that i will push him forward. I do wonder if some of it comes from him worrying about the ground too though. It also makes me wonder why I got a baby horse! I'll remember soon enough when he achieves something new though.

Oh to have a nice surface that I can ride in without worrying in all weathers. And somewhere undercover to tack up. There are many, many benefits to keeping the horses at home, but in the depths of winter not having an arena sucks! First world problems, I know.

Caspian complains as he doesn't have enough cushions. 
Tonight we are hopefully going up to pony club, and making use of the arenas there. Hopefully sir Expressions keeps a lid on it. I have a feeling more work is coming his way!


  1. omg that dolphin picture is reeeeeeeeally special, Henry!! lol...

  2. Caspian is hilarious on the cushions :) and omg the dolphin. Crazy!! i would never stick that and I also would be worried that he would fall over too. :)

    1. I thought I would not fall off because it's not super unseating... except last week he caught me out and I ended up on the floor. There were a few choice words said and I have pulled our socks up since then!

      Caspian is sir princess puppy. He has to have ALL of lifes comforts all at the same time!


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