Mid year goal review

I can't believe it's July already, this year is flying by. Every year seems to get shorter (it's a real thing, the older you get the more perspective you have!). I mean wasn't it just yesterday that I was writing my goals?!

Anyway, I had to go back and find my post on what goals I have for the year. I had honesty forgotten some of them while others have been really front and center. This post will be deathly boring for anyone who's not me but hey if you read through it you might be inspired, if not bored senseless?


Improve our dressage score
  • I have put a really big effort into this, and we are seeing improvements... outside of eventing tests!
Get more consistent in dressage
  • Yep, getting this too. I am seeing trends in our strengths and weaknesses quite clearly now and it's helpful to know what I really need to drill down on.

Work on maintaining the contact in the canter
  • It's getting there... 

Get consistent counter canter
  • I am pretty happy with this at this point. 

Get flying changes
  • We have them sometimes? We got a perfect one a few weeks ago but are struggling to replicate it!
Improve consistency in lateral movements
  • Ongoing!

Attempt an Elementary test
  • I read one... not convinced I'll be ready but I'm working on what we need. 

Improve self carriage in all paces, especially canter and gallop
  • Yup, this has gotten so much better!

Improve lengthening and shortening strides in canter
  • Also better. Had a really good aha moment when Manu was over last time. 

Leave all the poles up!
  • Varies, but more are staying up the better our rhythm gets. 

Have more adjustability on XC
  • YES! I feel like we can do all the things now/ 

Attend hunter trials
  • Mmm, was planning on entering but went somewhere else instead. Did the Murray eventing GP instead which is kinda the same?

Ride out with friends more
  • We are doing ok at this. Just have to fit it in around anything else.. 

Do a 20km endurance ride
  • I have been looking at ride dates and planning

Ride 5-6 times per week
  • I was riding him this much, but I feel like less is more at this point. I want him to stay fit and sound.

Incorporate more fitness rides at pony club, once per fortnight
  • I haven't done this at all, but have been doing other fitness things that have involved regular galloping. 

Get a better stretch!
  • This is definitely improved!

New goals:

Investigate Coolies long term health and soundness and perfect a schedule that keeps him fit and sound for as long as possible. I am planning on taking him to a specialised vet to ensure He is as sound and happy as he needs to be.

Ensure or tack is fitting as well as it should and is working properly for us. I'm having some concerns about Coolies jumping saddle. It's been fitted but i am not 100% happy.

Get comfortable jumping 1m, and push myself to jump 105 more at home.


Improve canter departs to be more on the aids
  • We get the correct lead 99% of the time!

Improve groundwork
  • Umm, I think i created a giant labradour

Continue to improve straightness
  • He is very straight now! 

Attend a dressage training day
  • DONE!

Attend a show jumping training day
  • Have some ideas about things coming up soon

Go XC training
  • Done, and planning on going again soon!

Ride at Darling Downs
  • Haven't got there yet, but hopefully in spring

Attend a clinic
  • We have been to 3!

Enjoy training
  • I love every second I am with this horse. He is the sweetest guy and tries so hard to do the right thing.

Take time in what we do and don't feel pressure to rush things
  • I have to remind myself that we are progressing well, and Henry will tell me when he is ready for the next step. It's paying off though!

Compete and complete a competition
  • We have competed but not completed since I opted not to jump. 

Ride 3-4 times per week
  • Yep, some weeks are better than others but he gets ridden pretty much every other day. 

New goals:

Get Henry exposed to group environments regularly in low pressure situations.


Lose 10kg.
  • UGH. Hate this goal. 

Run 5x per week
  • Nope, managed about 3 days per week and walking the other days though because that's what worked best. Running right now isn't happen as much because it's very cold and dark. I'm going to call it a win. 

Eat less chocolate
  • Sometimes. I go through phases. 

Reduce alcohol consumption
  • This is better over all. But Hubs and I really like gin.

Enjoy eventing again
  • YES!! I have really been having the best time this year so far!

Investigate becoming an eventing steward
  • Hasn't happened yet

Set weekly schedule for rides
  • I started doing this but then stopped. FAIL. 

Be more organised about everything
  • I am getting there

Attend more clinics with new coaches
  • I have had lessons with Craig and Jonna!

Have fun riding without feeling pressure to climb the grades
  • Mostly got this. Bit torn about things right now though. 

Look after myself better physically and mentally
  • I am being much more self aware now 


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