WAYER Cross Country

Cross country wasn't until 2.14, so we had a whole morning to do non-horsey things! After feeding the boys, we headed off to do the park run. I made my personal best time so far! Then I made a cake for my Grans birthday before finally it was time to head off.
So Fancy
We arrived with time to run (yep, actually ran!) around the XC course, and help my friend get tacked up and on her way in her fancy new XC colours. Out on XC there was nothing I was really concerned about, I just wanted to make sure we had control and a bit of polish before we go back up.

Not the kindest first fence
Finally it was time for me to get ready. Coolie was on his game and after a canter and a few warm up fences we were ready to go. The starter counted us down and we were off. We had to get going right out of the box as there wasn't long until the first fence, which had been giving people problems. Coolie sailed over and we were off.

But obviously not an issue!

Every fence was awesome, he was jumping perfectly out of stride and listening to the lightest aid! Fence 4ab was the first question, a roll top with 4 turning strides to a big table. We powered thought and then over the next few fences, up a mound with a fun little jump on to then over to the water.

We got to go through the water twice which was fun, jump 7 was straight through the water, 8 was the troll bridge, 9 was a log before the water and 10AB was a bank out of the water and then the wine barrels.
Troll Bridge

Out of the water
11AB was next and this was a line usually used for the 95. I really feel this was a bit of course creep, and I am NOT convinced that this fence measured less than 90. Anyway, Coolie sailed right over A, then down and up the drain and over B. We were quite under time and so I eased off the speed. We jumped the final few fences and crossed the line clear and under time.

Henry got a ride!
It was one of our best rounds, everything felt fantastic. Coolie was on the ball and confident. It all felt far too easy. We are all set to go back to 95 at Harvey in 2 weeks. Possibly the best part of the weekend was our XC round was filmed by Rider Video and it's so cool to have our round filmed. I reckon we look pretty good.

I really had such a great time at this event, I smiled the whole way around the course and I feel very confident for our next event in 2 weeks. We are kicking goals this year.


  1. Woo congrats! Coolie sounds like so much friggin fun to ride!!

    1. Thanks! He really is the best, I don't know where I would be without him!


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