South West Horse Trials - Dressage

We were off to Harvey this weekend, a nice easy drive just south of Perth

We got up bright and early Saturday to be there in time for my 10.30 dressage time. 
Coolie would rather drink beer and chill

Dressage was ordinary. Less tense but we broke in the medium trot and free walk which really affected our scores. 

Yep, tense about sums us up
I’ve been trying really hard to accept that our dressage is never going to be that flash. It’s hard to be ok with shit scores because we really do work hard but our tension affects our marks. 

Henry and his buddies 

Despite the tension our test was more consistent, the contact was better, and Coolie didn’t feel as tense. I was happier with my position and I felt I rode the test well. 

Treasure chest
I knew breaking would affect our score but the rest of the test was actually not too bad. Sadly it means we are down the bottom of the score board though. 


Just as well dressage is only one phase, and jumping is much more fun (Henry, you have to be good at dressage though buddy no pressure!). XC looks awesome, I can’t wait!

Roll top drop
Unfinished Bridge


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