Clipping in April?!

Another busy weekend gone, but lucky for me I got a long weekend because Monday and Tuesday was Manu's clinic! The clinic was awesome, but I have so much to write!
Henry being a good boy by himself

It seems like Coolie got hairy extra early this year and it's been so warm here still so he got a haircut today. Clipping is not my favourite job, and clipping this early means I'll have to do it twice but it also means Coolie stays a reasonable colour. He is so shiny too!
so shiny and still orange!

Henry and I took the opportunity on Sunday afternoon to use our coaches arena prior to the clinic to hopefully help him settle faster. I went up on my own and lunged before I rode him. He was a little on edge but settled quickly and was awesome to ride. It was the best ride we have had there, it was almost like we were at home.
He was a little bit sweaty

I set my phone up and took some video of us too to see how he was working. I was very proud of how grown up he was!


  1. i love clipping in the sense that i love setting up a time with someone and handing over the cash in exchange for a gorgeous svelte sleek beast. haha.

    1. Yep, I used to love that too but then I bought a set of great clippers for a bargain and now I have to do it myself! I like the finished product though, and it makes him so much easier to brush and really I should complain!


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