A whole new life!

How time flies, as of April 24, Henry has been retired from racing and embarking on his new journey for a whole year. I'm pretty sure that year galloped by faster than Henry ever has!

Henry raced twice and did dismally. He trialed a few more times and didn't improve at all. So he retired and was picked up for retraining by a lovely lady who clerks at race tracks and helps to run Rehome a Racehorse. Linda takes on a few horses a year to re home herself, but makes sure she only takes the nice ones.
Henry before he was sold as a 2yo. His head and neck are tiny!

Sadly I can't find a picture of Henry racing, probably since he was so terrible.
He races his brother though, but Coolie can out gallop him. Coolie is not a race horse. 
He seems to have adjusted to life as a riding horse very well. He is a fairly chilled out dude and has very few hang ups from racing. He doesn't like loud speakers and warm up arenas fry his brain, but the rest is just baby horse stuff.
Not the best picture, Husband doesn't understand conformation pics, but you get the idea of what he looked like when we first got him. 

I got him about 6 weeks off the track. He had a few rides under his belt but was still very much a race horse. It took months for his digestive system to work properly. For so long food looked the same coming out as it went in.
First ride at home
 It took him a long time to work out how to be a horse, how to graze, how to play and how to gallop around the paddock. It took him a long time to settle into his routine, and even now doesn't like it to change. For so long Henry would be on high alert at all time, and it would take him hours to eat his dinner. I had to teach him how to eat carrots and apples, and what treats are.

His first lesson! I think hes grown a bit!
These days Henry is just a regular horse. He loves food, he will eat anything I offer him (and spit it out if he doesn't like it!). He has had so many new experiences and has really had a good go at all of them.
Bit of a change now!

I think Henry much prefers his post racing life!

He sure likes napping!


  1. Aw congrats on one year! Henry is lucky to have found you!


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