Thunder bolts and lightening

Autumn seems to finally be here in WA, it has cooled off (kind of!) and it's even been raining. Of course the rain also bought with it some thunder storms so our show this weekend was cancelled because there was lightening pretty much all day Sunday. It was about 22C, no wind, intermittent rain, not bad weather for riding really. Except for the lightening!
Pretty rainbows though

My plan was to go and practice our dressage and show jumping and work on a few things that went wrong down at Harvey. Thanks to the lightening that plan was canned so this week I'll just focus on those things at home and hope we keep our brains in check for Moora.

We did have fun this weekend, Friday evening was spent having a relaxing ride in the bush with all my boys. We saw so many birds, a bandicoot and kangaroos.
Spot the kangaroo!
Saturday both of the horses had a flat ride. Coolie felt super and worked really hard. I gave him his Pentosan injection last week and he feels a lot better for it, so I think i need to increase how often he gets them. I played around with a few things, trying to work out what will work best for us at competitions. I think I change too many things without realising it so I really focused on what I do at home so I can try and remember to only do that when we go out.

Henry was feeling super and really relaxed so we just kept the ride short. I had to rush home to shower and change before going for a bridesmaid dress fitting so I'm pleased he was being a good boy.

Sunday continued in the theme of un-horsey. Since our show was cancelled we went out for breakfast with a friend who was also supposed to compete. Then I cleaned out a heap of clothes and Husband and I finally decided on what furniture we are going to buy for our house.

We have a short week this week, a public holiday on Wednesday so I am hoping to take the horses out and maybe (finally, big girl pants at the ready!) jump Henry over some solid fences! I'm taking Friday off for my birthday and to drive to Moora. I hate driving there in the dark, and it's always so crowded in the camping area so we are going to make the most of it and leave here around lunch time.


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