Henry goes solo!

I have been slowly building Henry up to go out for a solo bush ride. The 2 times I have taken him out into the reserve at the back not too far from home and he couldn't have cared less. Yesterday after work was warm, but I wanted to ride. Henry needed to be ridden so I decided it was the perfect day to go solo!

He was a gem to open and close the gate, went straight over the pipe bridge he's a bit scared of and we were off. He was super, powering along checking out the sights. We had a walk, trot and a canter and he was happy to do what I asked.

He was fairly motoring, he knocked 4 minutes of the usual time it takes Coolie and I which is really saying something as Coolie and I trot about half the loop, and Henry walked most of it!

Very proud of how he handled being all by himself for the first time in his life, he really wasn't worried about anything! I was also proud of how he tacked things like the gate and the creek crossing which have been demons for us until yesterday!


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