Air time

Recently this blog has been very Henry content focused. I have no regrets because out of he and Coolie, he is the one progressing the fastest and being the most interesting. Coolie is just plodding along in the background having a fairly easy time of it!

So, Henry and I have been having a weekly jump session at home. I am starting to get itchy feet to take him out and test our air skills else where, so I think we might pop up to the pony club for a play over solid fences and book a lesson in the new year.

Every session I am slowly building Henry's confidence and the complexity of what I am asking. The last jump we had I kept the jump layout the same, but added an oxer.

He was super confident to the fences this time, knowing exactly what was expected of him. I had also taken away the placing poles just to give him something less to think about.

The first time over the oxer he just rubbed it with his back feet, surprising himself. The next time over he was giving it no chances and for the first time over a fence, all 4 feet left the ground. The added bonus was it was quite stylish and showed some good scope!

I was interested to see the last few times I jumped Henry how my position slipped. I think I am throwing myself at the fences in an attempt to not catch him in the mouth. I was more conscious of my body the last time we jumped and it looks more solid in the pictures.  It is still a work in progress and I am hoping that a jump on Coolie will help sort it out!

Better leg
Slowly, Henry is getting more careful and more aware of his feet. He is gaining confidence in himself and trust in me, and is being less scared when he makes a mistake or takes a rail. I think we might need to start over bigger jumps though!


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