Wintery Summer Days

We had a cold front come through this week, fairly typical weather for Perth... in June! As the weather man said, we would expect this weather in winter but it is rather abnormal for summer.
Why the long face? Because it's COLD!

The temperatures dropped from the high 20's to under 20 over night, it was rainy and windy and cold! Sunday I chose not to ride as I had to do stuff around the house and the weather set in more as the day progressed. In winter it wouldn't be a problem but I wasn't that interested in riding 2 horses who would be extra fresh!

Monday we had the farrier in the arvo but the weather was supposed to be clearing by the afternoon. It didn't. Henry started off being so good. I even took his picture so I could brag about how good he was. By the third hoof he Just. Couldn't. Stand. Any. More! Plus he had FLIES. FLIES are the WORST if you ask him. And like 3 flies at once is the devils work. And then it rained on him. OMG RAIN! So the farrier had a word with him and he stood like a doll for the last hoof.
Aww, so good!

Coolie was such a good boy for the farrier and he had even worse weather for his turn. You could tell he wanted to move but that he wasn't allowed to and he knew he wasn't allowed to so he just had to try so hard to stand still. He had picked the short straw for a ride. I headed out tot he bush to rest the paddock because 25mm in 24 hours is a fair whack around here!

I expected him to be spooky. It's fairly normal for him! He spooked at EVERYTHING. His shadow was extra scary! He was quite funny because although everything was terrifying he was perfectly behaved!
ALERT! Rainbow alert!


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