Straight back into it

After we flew back into Perth on Friday, we got home, dumped our luggage, fussed the cat and then went to collect the horses (after also fussing the dogs).

They were both pleased to see us, Henry more so I think. Coolie didn't try too hard to bugger off unlike the last time we collected them after a holiday! They were both FILTHY and Henry's rug was a little beaten up.

We got them home and did a thorough check over for ticks and only found one on Henry. Henry was dumped int he paddock, and Coolie tacked up for a short ride back. The rest did him some good and he was fresh and mostly willing, only being a little evasive in the cater.

Henry didn't get to slack off for too much longer as first thing Saturday morning I was back out there getting him ready for a ride. That is after they both spent 10 minutes galloping around like lunatics. I was fighting my nerves, but felt silly doing so as he always seems better after a break. I think I was most nervous because I hadn't ridden at all where as previously I have ridden Coolie and stayed riding fit.

As soon as I hopped on I relaxed and while he was fresh and naughty, he wasn't bad. And lets be honest, Henry's idea on naughty is running a little and kicking up his back legs in what I am sure he thinks is an impressive buck!

It was really interesting to hop back on and feel the horse under me after both of us having 2 weeks off. It gave me a really clear idea of where he is in his training and I was pleasantly surprised! He worked into the contact and off the leg so nicely, and he had a real understanding of sideways.

Sunday Henry was ridden again and was slightly less well behaved but was still ok. Monday he was amazing. i really pushed him a bit more, and got some nice shoulder fore and lengthened trot. We had a great canter too and I tested out self carriage in all paces. I am so pleased with how he is coming along and am starting to have a few ideas about his first competition!


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