December is a refelctive time of year, and this year I am taking a good hard look at what has happened.

In 2017 Henry happened. Henry has challenged me but not in a conventional naughty horse way. He has made me face my fear and anxiety. And he is helping me get through it.
Cute from day 1!

A young horse destroyed my confidence, but a young horse is helping to rebuild it.

I had a lot of doubt I would be able to take on a young thoroughbred and train them successfully. I knew I needed to find the right horse and from the first sit on Henry I knew I would have a chance with him.

I constantly worry that I am doing something wrong with Henry. I worry he will be naughty and I wont cope. I worry I will over face him and he will lose confidence. I worry he will freak out and I wont handle it. I worry he will put me on the floor.

Except the second I put my foot in the stirrup, those fears evaporate. I remember that he is Henry. He is more chilled out on the trails than Coolie. He is the baby horse who you can canter with a loop in your reins in a new place while racing his best mate. You can canter him with one hand, and face him to a new challenge and know that once he works it out he will be cool with it.

I recently had an Aha Moment. Sometimes you have to fight so hard for them, and sometimes they just fall into your lap.

Most of my moments have been when I have really struggled with something in my riding. I've not understood how to do something, I haven't been asking for it right, I just didn't have the knowledge to implement it the correct way, so many things. This moment was different. This moment was about something I said to my husband. This moment was all mental. Oh my goodness though, this moment has made a huge difference.

We were chatting about something on the weekend while feeding the horses. Probably about the horses. I was probably saying how cute they are. As a blabbered on, talking about how great Henry was, I said "Henry is my unicorn". Husband agreed and I kept blabbing about all the wonderful things my horses are (this is a daily conversation!).

It wasn't until later it really hit me. Henry is my Unicorn. It has clicked into place in my head, and is starting to solidify. I am feeling more confident now, more positive. Every ride on Henry I end with a huge grin. I am starting to feel more confident in my ability. I am starting to feel like I can push myself to expose him to more and know we will have fun.


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