Henny is gud at polez!

Henry had his first jump session after our holiday, roughly a month since the last one. He got to tryout some of his fancy new gear too.

We started trotting over 2 sets or trot poles in a row. Henry thought this was no big deal. Then we progressed to our x rail with a placing pole on each side. From there one set of trot poles was made into a jump so we did trot poles to cross rail. Then all the trot poles were removed and we did 2 x rails 3 strides apart. 

Henry was unsure what he was being asked, he gets a bit wiggly when we move jumps around. The first time through the related line he put his head down and in his mind did a big buck. Reality was a bit different. second time through he just tried to work his feet out. The line made for some interesting footwork but he tried hard.

His confidence has grown since the last time we jumped. He wasn't afraid of knocking poles and he was much more coordinated, and didn't zoom off after a jump.
So cute!

To finish I put up a tiny straight bar. At 45cm I think it's the biggest we have jumped but it was no big deal! From now on I am going to aim for weekly jump sessions to continue to build his confidence, and I might have to book another jumping lesson!

Pats for super pony


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