Here in Australia we have quite a few dangerous animals. I mean, it's what we are known for! That and our nice beaches, huge desert and a big rock (plus all the other things we have too).

Image result for danger noodle meme
Not Australian, I just find it funny
Between snakes, spiders, sharks, emus, kangaroos, stingrays, various molluscs, crocodiles, dingos and dropbears to name a few there are quite a few dangers when you go trekking into the Aussie bush, or if you go for a nice swim. That's if you make it that far. You might also die from dehydration, or from the heat before an animal even gets to you.

I recently saw a graph though of animals most likely to kill you. Top of the list?

Horses. Sounds about right really!


  1. lol, isn't that always the way tho!! cows and livestock are at the top of our list here in the US too ;)

    1. And you guys have scary things like bears to contend with!

  2. Yup. Danger noodle. I love those pictures LOL I think my fav tho is the bunny as booplesnoot hahaha!!


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