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We are officially in summer and Monday sure felt like it... Only temporary though as the weather is cooling back to the mid 20's for the rest of the week which is just perfect for riding. Just as well as there is much riding to be done!

This weekend we didn't do too much riding at all. Friday arvo Andrew and I took the boys for a nice walk in the bush. It was relaxing a good way to end the working week. Saturday was more exciting but I didn't ride at all! Instead we were spectating at Equestrian in the Park, an arena eventing competition held in a city park (right next to where I work!). We had a really great day out, the course looked amazing and we caught up with so many people, and made plenty of new friends.

Sunday was another quiet day. Coolie and I spent the morning riding with one of our eventing friends. Coolie was a complete nugget, spooking at nothing, prancing and snorting his way a long. I think he's missed going out, Henry has been having all the fun recently. I had to laugh at him, he is just too silly. I told him he better pull his head in, Henry is better behaved than he is!

We did lots of exploring and paddled through the river. We climbed hills and negotiated terrain. It was quite a fun morning out!

In the afternoon Andrew and I did boring stuff that adults need to do, and put up our Christmas tree! I rode Henry too and he was really super, worked into the contact nicely and was forward, light and responsive. We have been struggling to put it all together recently so I was pleased that we got it all in that ride.

Monday it was 36C and humid, so I opted not to ride and instead did boring things around the house. We have our last Jonna clinic of the year this weekend and  Henry has a show jumping lesson and a XC lesson. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm also a tiny bit nervous but I know he is going to be great! Coolie is having a lesson too, one last jump I think. I can't wait!


  1. i wish it was hot here ;) i don't but 30s temps is cold esp with wind chill. :)

    Glad you are getting to ride and do all the things. It must be SO odd to do xmas in summer but i guess that is what you are used to!!

    Glad the boys are behaving (mostly!)

    1. hehe funny to think 30 for us is lovely and warm. 30F is much too cold for my liking, the coldest it gets here is 0C at night and about 15C in the day (60 in your money!).

      I find it weird you have it cold for chrissy, we went to Europe once and it didn't feel quite right! Cold meat and salads all the way ;)

      I hope you get some dry weather soon!

  2. omg that cat tho!! too cute!

    1. Arthur is a very naughty little cat who likes to sit in all the boxes!


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